This years results are posted below with a link below each to historical data for the relevant competition.

Congratulations to all.


Ted Higgins Produce Competition: 1st Pat Ellis  2nd Barry Dickinson  3rd Tik Pun

Ted Higgins Produce Competition categories



Selbourne Challenge Cup: 1st Place Barry Dickinson Plot 10 Rod Retired. 2nd Audrey Cook Plot 70. 3rd Matt Edmunds Plot 72

Selbourne Challenge Cup 1936 to 1976

Selbourne Challenge Cup 1977 to present

Jarvis Cup: 1st Place Tik Pun Plot 30A 5 Rod Retired. 2nd Lynne Hills Plot 97A. 3rd Peter Richens 21A.

Jarvis Cup

George Gladding Trophy: 1st Place Iris Paulzer-Sweeny Plot 8A/9A 10 rod Weekender. No runner up

George Gladding Trophy

A Harvey Cup: 1st Place Barry Setterfield Plot 20A 5 Rod Weekender. 2nd Rod Farquhar Plot 71B. 3rd Catherine Davis Plot 16A

A Harvey Cup

Adams Cup: Best new plot holder Russell Taylor 28A

Adams Cup

Ted Higgins Produce Competition: Pat Ellis

Ted Higgins Cup

Merit Cup: Blooming Marvellous for their wonderful boat display.

Merit Cup


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