This years results are posted below with a link below each to historical data for the relevant competition.

Congratulations to all.


Ted Higgins Produce Competition: 1st Barry Dickinson Joint 2nd Vaughan Kurn Val Read

Ted Higgins Produce Competition categories



Selbourne Challenge Cup: 10 Rod Retired: 1st Place Barry Dickinson Plot 10.

2nd Audrey Cook Plot 70. 3rd Matt Edmunds Plot 72

Selbourne Challenge Cup 1936 to 1976

Selbourne Challenge Cup 1977 to present

Jarvis Cup: 5 Rod Retired: 1st Place Tik Pun Plot 30A. 2nd Lynne Hills Plot 97A. 3rd Peter Richens 21A.

Jarvis Cup

George Gladding Trophy: 10 Rod Weekender: 1st Place Iris Paulzer-Sweeny Plot 8A/9A.  No runner up

George Gladding Trophy

A Harvey Cup: 5 Rod Weekender: 1st Place Barry Setterfield Plot 20A. 2nd Rod Farquhar Plot 71B. 3rd Catherine Davis Plot 16A

A Harvey Cup

Adams Cup: Best new plot holder Russell Taylor 28A

Adams Cup

Ted Higgins Produce Competition: Barry Dickinson

Ted Higgins Cup

Merit Cup: Blooming Marvellous for their wonderful boat display.

Merit Cup


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