Due to the late start of the growing season judging for the internal plot competition will take place on Monday 2nd July and then again in September. Date to be confirmed for September.

Rules for the Ted Higgins Produce Competition can be found in the link below.

Selbourne Challenge Cup: 1st Place Barry Dickinson 10 Rod Retired. No runner up

Jarvis Cup: 1st Place Jean Dickinson 5 Rod Retired, runner up Peter Richens

George Gladding Trophy: 1st Place Audrey Cook 10 Rod Weekender. No runner up

Harvey Cup: 1st Place Barry Setterfield 5 Rod Weekender. No runner up

Adam Cup: Best new plot holder Tik Pun

Ted Higgins Produce Competition: Val Read

Merit Cup: Helen Williams. Awarded for “Outstanding contribution”

Ted Higgins Produce Competition

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