Health and Safety

The information contained here regarding by laws can be accessed in full from the main menu.

Some important information regarding your and others safety.

Emergency Access

All members please note that there is now a Security Key Box on the main gate for use in an emergency. If you are alone on site and need to call for an ambulance they can gain access to the site and get to you without you needing to open the gate. They have the code to the box.

Pesticides etc

All pesticides,weedkillers and other noxious substances must not be kept in unlocked sheds or tool boxes. See by law below.

8.3 The tenant must use and dispose of pesticides, weedkillers and other noxious substances according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They should be kept in a secure place or removed from site when not in use.


8.10 Tenants must ensure that any pond on their allotment is located well away from footpaths and roadways, is clearly visible and is protected with a rigid mesh cover.

Children on site

8.11 Tenants bringing children to site must supervise them at all times to ensure that they are safe and do not cause a nuisance to other plot holders.


7.3 Any asbestos found on site should be notified to The Committee who will arrange for safe removal and disposal.

Hawthorn Trees

The hedge that forms the border of the allotments backing on to the footpath along the Coronation Road side is formed mainly of Hawthorn and care should be taken if you are working near or coming through the entrances through the hedge.

See link below for more information.

Hawthorn Trees

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