Jarvis Cup

Awarded to the best Weekend Gardener

YearWinnerPlot No
1977E Hunt
1978E Hunt
1979J Mayne
1980W Bounds
1981Ted Higgins20
1982Ted Higgins20
1983Ted Higgins20
1984Ted Higgins20
1985Ted Higgins20
1986Ted Higgins20
1987Ted Higgins20
1988Ted Higgins20
1989Ted Higgins20
1990Ted Higgins20
1991Ted Higgins20
1992Val Read75A
1993Bill Harrat41
1994Val Read75A
1995N Staszkiewicz94
1996Val Read75A
1997Val Read75A
1998Stan Davis81
1999Val Read75A
2000Bill Harrat41
2001Richard Green57
2002Bill Harrat41
2003Bill Harrat41
2004Roy Del La Hey49
2005Roy Del La Hey50
2006Roy Del La Hey50
2007Audrey Cook70
2008Audrey Cook70
2009Audrey Cook70
2010Audrey Cook70

The competition was changed to reflect plot size rather than age or employment status.

2011Jean Dickinson65B
2012Val Read75A
2013Stan Davis81A

The competition was changed to reflect plot size and employment status when given two extra cups.

The Jarvis cup is now awarded to the best 5 Rod retired gardener.

2014Barbara Horton81B
2015Peter Richens21A
2016Peter Richens21A
2017Jean Dickinson34A
2018Tik Pun30A
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