Selbourne Challenge Cup 1977 to present

The Selbourne Challenge Cup was now awarded to the best retired gardener.

YearWinnerPlot NoRHS “Banksian MedalAwarded by
1977Mr Bounds^
1978J Mayne^
1979E Higgins^
1980P J Ellis^
1981W Bounds^P EllisFarnborough Hort Soc
1982W Bounds^P EllisRAE Gardening Soc
1983J W Wallace84
1984Eric Hunt93
1985Eric Hunt93
1986Eric Hunt93
1987Eric Hunt93
1988Eric Hunt93
1989J W Wallace84
1990J Raymond^
1991J W Wallace84
1992Eric Hunt93
1993J W Wallace84
1994Eric Hunt93
1995Eric Hunt93
1996J W Wallace84
1998A Rush82
1999Alan Lock28
2000Stan Davis81
2001Stan Davis81
2002Stan Davis81
2003Stan Davis81
2004Stan Davis81
2005J Mezzetti38
2006Stan Davis81
2007J Mezzetti38
2008J E Harding33
2009J Mezzetti38
2010B Dickinson10

The Selbourne Challenge Cup now awarded to best 10 rod gardener.

2011Moira Bawn23
2012B Dickinson10
2013Audrey Cook70

The competition was changed to reflect plot size and employment status when given two extra cups.

2014B Dickinson10
2015B Dickinson10
2016C Sutherland50
2017B Dickinson10
2018B Dickinson10
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