Sale of Greenwood Close

1965 Season 

The Greenwood Close site was sold to the Council for the sum of £13,680 with the tenants to leave the site by the 31st December 1965.  Messrs Kingham & Kingham reported that the Council could not get the funds to buy the land and asked the Association to appeal which was upheld allowing the sale. The site shed was put up for sale

The Association’s Defence Bonds were converted to 5% National Development Bonds.

Investment of the monies arising from the sale were agreed, £8000 to long term investment with the rest in short term investments. The solicitors advised to place a third in Building Societies, a third in Government stock and the rest in local authorities.

At the 48th AGM, AOB included a complaint that not everyone evicted from the Greenwood Close site had been found alternative plots. Chairman replied that all who had requested an alternative plot had received them.

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