Lease of Morland Road

1949 Season 

Lease between Aldershot Borough Council and the Aldershot & District Allotment Association, registered office 106 North Lane, Aldershot, for land on Morland Road measuring 7.98 acres in area. Lease was for a period of eight years and there was an option to renew. Rent Nil for the first year and then £5 by four equal quarterly payments on the usual quarter days with the first payment due 25th March 1950. See Figure 9


Figure 9 – Morland Road East

1950 Season 

A sewage pumping station was built in Eastern Road to transfer the waste from the Godalming Skin & Fur Co tannery to the sewage works.  This suggests that the Oldhurst Moor site was obtained for use as an industrial estate.

From the minutes for 1950 and later, it would appear that each site had a grounds committee who did the work on a particular site and that an executive committee existed and this was composed of some 5 to 6 people from these committees.

Meetings discussed many of the usual topics including water supply, control of rabbits, purchase of fertilisers and lime, plot inspections, purchase of bulk seeds, plot competitions, committee dinners, pea and bean sticks, grass cutting, stocking the stores, etc.

The main topic of discussion at the monthly meetings were the delay in getting the documents from the Council regarding the Morland Road East lease, the extension of the water pipe at the Park Road site and fencing on several sites

Other sites mentioned were Croft Road, Paddock and a draft lease with Council for land at Cranmore Lane, Guildford Road and Allden Avenue.  Allden Avenue was not considered suitable for allotments

There was an Extraordinary General Meeting to approve the revision of the Rule Book.

Two of our members, Peter Downes and Brian Davis both report that there were allotments at the rear of the Albion pub on Waterloo Road.  Peter reckons these were called Laundry Green allotments as his father had a plot there in the 1950’s. Brian reckons that they were called East End School allotments. Figure 10 show the area for the East End School allotments although Peter or Brian are what area they covered.


Figure 10 – East End School allotments

1952 Season 

Sites mentioned are Greenwood Close where a urinal was to be installed, Paddock, Morland Road East and Elm Place

Cranmore Lane lease was to expire in 1955, the site also had a rabbit problem and Councillor Naylor asked permission to shoot on the site.

The 35th AGM included an interesting talk on the advantages of pig keeping by Mr R.B Winters, Regional Officer of the small pig keeping council.

The Rule book was updated and the Association affiliated with The National Allotment & Gardens Society Ltd, 40 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1, on the 30th April 1952.

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