Land purchase of Oldhurst Moor and current site

1924 Season 

In January, the Aldershot & District Allotment Association Ltd purchased land from a Miss Marion Kennedy.

The conveyance dated 3rd January 1924 dealt with 2 lots of freehold land numbered a) 14 of area 3 Acres 1 Rood 30 Perches and b) 40 of area 3 Roods 4 Perches, totalling 7 acres and 34 perches and purchased for the sum of £350.

Mrs Kennedy had previously purchased the land in 1897 from Councillor Richard Simmonds, JP, and had sold off much of the land that was directly adjacent to Coronation Road and Lower Farnham Road for housing. The footpath running along the Coronation Road side boundary is very old and is marked on the 1855 map of Aldershot.


Figure 5 – Site Plan covered by the 1924 deed

Author – For those like me who are confused by the measures, a rod, pole, or perch are all the same and measure five and a half yards in length OR thirty and a quarter square yards in area. 

One Acre = 4 Roods with 1 Rood = 40 Perches. 

One Chain = 4 Rods, Poles or Perches = 22 yards. 

10 square chains = One Acre = 4840 square yards

Presumably the money had been raised by donations from the members as the Annual General Meeting referred to the purchase of land by the Association in Lower Farnham Road, and recorded the appreciation of the committee for the splendid response by the members to the appeal for loans for the purchase of the ground.

The lease from Mr G W Chandler for the Oldhurst Moor site in North Town would expire in March and the Association decided to purchase the site outright.  This land shown in Figure 8 measuring 6.1 acres in area, lies along what is now Eastern Road and according to the Aldershot Tithe Map and Award dated 1839; the land formed plot 385 called Oldhurst Moor and had an area of 6 acres and 17 perches.

A Mortgage dated 29th January 1924, with the National Provincial and Union Bank of England, Ltd for the sum £250 to cover the cost.

In March, the owner of the allotment site on Ayling Hill reported that he had sold most of the site and was in the process of selling the remainder. The Council gave notice to those remaining tenants with a refund of rent.

In April, at a Special meeting of the Parks and Cemetery’s Committee it was decided that as the Aldershot Allotments Association had plenty of land available and as they had made a loss on the temporary allotments, the Borough Council would cease their occupation of land for the purpose and the Town Clerk was instructed to give notice to all allotment holders that their tenancy would cease on December 31st next. The Mayor explained that the Allotment Association had secured sufficient land to provide permanent allotments and the Association had asked the assistance of the Council in getting people to take up ground.

Mr George T Hull, the Association secretary replying to the above action, reported that the Association accepts no responsibility for the decision of the Council, nor has it made any request for assistance in disposing of the ground purchased by it. A few plots are still vacant on the Association‘s permanent allotments, but the number is quite insufficient to supply plots for those who will receive notice under the decision of the Council.

A Mr J Smith, holder of allotment No 19, King’s Road, Aldershot, requested compensation for work done and manure used prior to notice being given. No compensation was forthcoming.

In June, at a meeting of the Borough Education Committee, a petition was read from the Aldershot and District Allotments Association, Ltd., regarding the proposal of the Committee to exchange the land in Manor Park now used as allotments, and acquired by the Education Committee for the purpose of a school, with other land at Aldershot Park. The petition pointed out that if the land in Aldershot Park was available for allotments it would be unsuitable for those cultivating Manor Park, as it was on the other side of the town.

The matter was referred to the Parks & Allotments Committee.

In July, the 7th Annual General Meeting reported that the Association was in a sound position although complaints had to be made regarding damage caused by cattle, compensation was sought and eventually a sum of £5 was received although this was considered inadequate.

It was reported that the following awards had been made in the allotments competitions:-

Association prizes: –  Cup, Mr Lever, 62 points; 2nd, Mr. E. Ballad, 38 points; 3rd, Mr.Gardner, 30 points.

Presented by Dr. Edythe Lindsay:- 1st, Mr. Vidler, 47 points; 2nd, Mr Foy, 30 points; 3rd, Mr Walker, 29 points.

These prizes and the prizes won in the potato-growing competition will be presented at a concert in the autumn.

In August, an annual show took place at Cove organised by the Farnborough & Cove District Horticultural and Allotment Association.

In September, a show of vegetables, fruits and flowers was held in the Allotment Building, High Street promoted by the Association. The show was opened by the Mayor of Aldershot, Alderman H. Ainger J.P.

The judges were Mr S Capon, of Heath End Nurseries and Mr S. Gillians of the Tongham Fruit Farm. Great interest was shown in two very large marrows which were fully two feet long, and eight or nine inches in diameter and were awarded a special prize.

Several guessing competitions including the weight of a basket of tomatoes, the weight of a marrow, the number of seeds in a marrow, the number of peas in a bottle and the weight of a cake. The results of these competitions were reported the following week:-

Weight of Marrow, Mr G.W Chandler;      Number of seeds in Marrow, Mr J Coombs;

Weight of tomatoes, Master Kitson;       Number of peas in bottle, Master T Allen;

Weight of cake, Mrs Hardy;                   Number of potatoes in bag, Mrs Broomfield

The Dart competition was won by Mrs Smeeth whose prize was a live pig.

An article appeared In October – Sport before the production of foodstuffs because the former pays is the motto of the Aldershot Borough Council.  The question of the abandonment of the allotments in Manor Park was again before the Council and it was agreed that the use of the ground for allotments shall cease. The following letter was read from the Secretary to the Allotments Association:-

We have been informed by our representative on the Parks and Allotments Committee that at their last meeting a resolution was passed asking the Borough Education Committee to terminate our tenancy of the allotments in Manor Park. We ask you to consider carefully whether that resolution should not be referred back for further consideration, as, to our representative’s report, it was passed on statements made which were inaccurate in the following respects:- 

  1. It was stated that the Land now used as allotments cost the ratepayers £106 per annum in interest and repayments. Surely this is wrong. Assuming a re-payment period of 60 years this would amount to £6,360. As the land is only three acres that would mean a cost of £2,180 per acre!
  2. Rent – This was stated to be £5. It is actually £6 14s per annum.
  3. It was stated that this Association had asked the Council to give up their allotments, and that a letter had been written to that effect. No such letter has been sent from our committee, nor has any representative on your Parks Committee been given any authority to make such request.
  4. It was stated that the Association had sufficient land to meet all demands for allotments, and that you had so been informed by us. We did promise to find room for 25 plot-holders on our new ground, but made no other promise whatsoever. In fact, it is utterly impossible for us to meet the need for allotments even with Manor Park included. We cannot find ground for all our applicants now, especially in the North Town district. On looking through the list of those evicted from the Sewage Farm, Highland Road, Connaught Road, etc., we find that the great majority are still without land. 

We hope, therefore that you will reconsider this, and not add to the shortage of allotments in Aldershot. This Association would be glad to be able to work amicably with you, but if this is to be the case we ought to receive a little consideration in this matter. 

The Council were unmoved and the plan was adopted.

1925 Season 

In January, The Aldershot Borough Council received a letter from Mr H.G Brake offering land at North Lane for allotments.  The Council rejected the offer as too expensive.

In February, a letter to the editor of the Aldershot News referred to a lecture that had been held entitled “Cropping and Manuring Allotments” given by a Mr C. J. Gleed, Hampshire Horticultural Superintendent.  There had been a very low turnout of twelve with few if any plot holders in attendance.  The Lecture was reported as very good in its self.  It was thought that lack of publicity and an unsuitable venue were the main reasons for the poor turnout.

In August the annual show took place in the Parish Hall complete with orchestral music and several trade displays.

In October, thirty three competitors who took part in the Aldershot Allotments Association potato competition this year exhibited a total of 21031/2 lbs of potatoes from 35lbs of seed, an average of 631/2 lbs each.  The winner was Mr Baker who raised 136lbs of potatoes from 1lb seed. The second being Mr Eldridge 94lbs and third was Mr Gardner 92 lbs.

1926 Season 

In July, the 9th Annual General Meeting took place in the Allotment Buildings, High Street, under the chairmanship of Councillor G. W. Chandler.

The Association had been able to secure land in St Joseph’s Road given up by the Borough Council, thus preventing the ground going out of cultivation.

The committee were forced to write off £17 due to the insolvency of the Agricultural Wholesale Society.

The committee had adopted a scale of points for judging, which would give members a better chance to know what was required.

The secretary spoke about the healthy state of the Association and stated that with a few more years of success they would be in a position to further extend the activities of the Association, if land was available and so increase the number of allotment holders, thus justifying their existence and achieving that which they all desired.

The secretary appealed to members to support the Association pointing out that if they could pay off the overdraft on the purchase of the Park Road allotments they could purchase further land. 

1927 Season 

The chairman Councillor George William Chandler died on the 1st February 1927.

The Parks & Cemetery’s Committee reported that a number of allotments at Smoky Hole were vacant and that the site should be offered to the Association. A tenant of this site complained that damage was being caused by dogs and children.

In June, Mr J.A Norris, manager of Bartrams Co. Ltd. published a letter in the Aldershot News, stating that rabbits will not go onto ground that has been covered in animal waste, and with the difficulties of obtaining quantities of manure, he suggested an alternative.  This was to sprinkle some bone meal around each plant and he suggested this would be quite effective at keeping the rabbits away although it would need refreshing after any rain.

Kelly’s Directory shows the registered office as Redan Hill.

The Association sold two parts of the building frontage near Boxalls Lane as shown by the memo attached to the main deeds – By Conveyance dated 5th August 1927 a piece of land having a frontage to the North side of Lower Farnham Road of about 34 feet and a width in rear of about 18 feet and being in depth on the East side about 194 feet and on the West side about 170 feet was conveyed unto George Thomas Watts in fee simple.

And also – By Conveyance dated 5th August 1927 a piece of land having a frontage to the North side of Lower Farnham Road of about 20 feet and a width in rear of about 5 feet and being in depth on the East side about 170 feet and on the West side about 160 feet was conveyed unto George Thomas Watts in fee simple.

1928 Season 

In January, the Association was mentioned in the Council reports, as not being prepared to take over the allotments in Aldershot Park as the ground was waterlogged.  A surface water drain had been installed but the River Blackwater would need to be cleared to enable the drain to work properly.

The 11th AGM took place in February at the Allotment Building, High Street. It was reported that the Association owned or rented some 15.5 acres of land containing 237 plots.  40 loads of road sweepings had been purchased for the Park Road site.  A shed had been provided and erected for shelter in rainy weather and for tool storage.  The number of members or shareholders was 260.

In March, the Council were offering free allotments in order to induce people to take allotments at the Smoky Hole site.  No rent for the first year as much hard work was required.

In April, the Council reported that as no further applications for allotments at the Aldershot Park site had been received the remaining land would be sown with clover of grass.

The annual show took place on Saturday 11th August in the Parish hall, Church Lane.  Many prizes were awarded including a Royal Horticultural Society “Banksian” medal to a Mr Francis.

1929 Season 

The Association sold the remaining building frontage near Boxalls Lane as shown by the memo attached to the main deeds – By Conveyance made the 27th March 1929 between the Aldershot and District Allotments Association Limited of the first part, National Provincial Bank Ltd of the second part and Clara Gwen Arthur of the third part. All that piece or parcel of land situate on the North side of Lower Farnham Road in the Borough of Aldershot and having a frontage thereto of about 54 feet and a width in rear of about 23 feet and being in depth on the East side about 207 feet and on the West side about 194 feet was conveyed to the said Clara Gwen Arthur in fee simple.

In August, the Association must have run a crossword competition as there was a paragraph in the Aldershot News reporting the correct answers and asking claimants to get in touch.

The annual show was held at the Drill Hall, Redan Hill.  Some 500-600 exhibits in 91 classes were displayed.  A “Banksian” medal was awarded to a Mr Matcham.

1930 Season 

At the 13th Annual General Meeting, the allotments were described as being let to good tenants and were well cultivated.  The Association now owned or rented 15.5 acres of land comprising 237 plots.

The Association had been approached by the Borough Surveyor with reference to filling the ditch and making up the footpath alongside the Church Road. As a result what was an unsightly hedge and ditch is now a substantial fence provided without cost to the Association. During the year, the remaining half of the building frontage near Boxalls Lane referred to above had been disposed of, and the sale had reduced very materially the liabilities on the Park Road ground.

The previous secretary Mr G.T Hull had died and Mr G.E Chandler retired as Chairman.

The Social Committee continued to make headway and many enjoyable evenings had been spent with other clubs.

The Robertson Challenge cup was awarded to Mr S.G Vidler by Miss Robertson of the Grange together with a ‘Banksian’ medal, Mr Vidler also won the silver cup.

The Borough Surveyor submitted several suggestions for improving the Aldershot Park allotments regarding fencing and provision of material for road making. The number of plots on this site was recorded as 45.

1931 Season

The Association sold a piece of land by Conveyance made the 4th November 1931 between the Aldershot and District Allotments Association Limited of the first part, National Provincial Bank Ltd of the second part and William Edward Farthing of the third part. All that piece or parcel of land situate on the West side of Church Road Aldershot and having a frontage thereto of about 39 feet and a width in rear of about 39 feet and being in depth on the North and South sides about 207 feet was conveyed to the said William Edward Farthing in fee simple subject to such of the covenants as relate to the land thereby conveyed and were capable of being enforced.

In February, the 14th AGM was held at the Allotment Buildings, High Street.  It was reported that the membership numbered 214 an increase of 14 on 1930.  Balance sheet showed an income £274 3s 6d and expenditure £258 18s 10d.  The Lower Farnham Road site tenants to have a reduction of 8d in rent.

In August, the annual show held at the Drill Hall, 1931 was described as the worst year since 1879 for agriculture. There were 100 entries in the 9 classes for ladies produce who kept up the high standard.

The Robertson Challenge cup was awarded to Mr A.H Match by Miss Robertson of the Grange and a ‘Banksian’ medal was awarded to Mr E Francis.

1933 Season 

The Council reported that of the 90 allotments at the rear of Whyte Avenue and Morland Road, some 30 had not been let. The Surveyor reported that he had broken up the land on the Morland Road site and 14 vacant plots at the Tongham Road site.

The annual show was again held in August at the Drill Hall.  Mr L Greenfield was awarded the ‘Banksian’ medal whilst the Robertson Challenge cup went to Mr E.G Worsfold for the second year running.

The Association affiliated with The National Allotment Society Ltd, 40 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1, on the 5th August 1933 and the Rule book was updated.

1934 Season 

In July, the Council Parks Committee reported about complaints regarding cultivation of the Tongham Road site and recommended that the Aldershot & District Allotment Association take over the supervision and control of the site and be allowed to collect the rents.

1936 Season

The Right Hon. Viscount Woolmer P.C, M.P, a long time Vice President presented a cup to the Association which is embossed with the words “Presented to Aldershot and District Allotment Association Limited by The Right Hon. Viscount Woolmer P.C., M.P. 1936.”  Viscount Woolmer was the 3rd Earl of Selborne and I believe the cup was eventually called the ‘Selborne Challenge Cup’

The annual show took place in August were the Banksian medal and Lord Woolmers Challenge Cup were awarded to Mr E.G Worsfold.

1937 Season


Figure 6. The Selbourne Challenge Cup

The Association held a Coronation exhibition at the parish hall in aid of the Aldershot Hospital.  Mr CP Quarrell Hants CC was the judge.  The Banksian medal was awarded to Mr A Matcham who also won Lord Woolmers Challenge CupIn July, the Borough Council received a request from the Association to take over at a peppercorn rent uncultivated land between No’s 6 and 7 Tichborne Place.  The Council agreed to this and contributed £7 10s towards fencing.

1938 Season 

Mr W A Jackson, the Association’s secretary organised a horticultural show in aid of the hospital which took place in July in aid of the Aldershot Hospital. The Banksian medal was awarded to Mr A.S Berwick with Mr W.J Thornton declared the winner of the best kept and cropped allotment. Mr CP Quarrell of Winchester Hants CC was the judge for the horticultural classes.

1939 Season

The mortgage taken out in January 1924.between the Nation Provincial and Union Bank of England, Ltd and the Aldershot & District Allotment Association Ltd was recorded as fully paid up.

The registered address of the Association was reported in Kelly’s directory as Mr W.A Jackson, 16 St Michaels Road.

The 21st AGM was held in February at the YMCA building with Mr W.J Thornton presiding.

The annual horticultural show was held at the parish hall and this year included a School gardens competition.

Mr A.S Berwick won the Lord Woolmer Challenge Cup and also the ‘Banksian’ medal but as this was the second time in succession, the medal was given to the runner up Mr W.E Vick.

The Silver Challenge cup for the best allotment was won by Mr E Francis.

Sections included Vegetable, Flowers, Ladies and the new School gardens.

In September, World War Two had started and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries sent a circular letter to local authorities stressing the importance of growing food in allotments and gardens and that the Defence Regulations 1939 conferred wide powers to Local Authorities regarding provision of land for cultivation as allotments. The Land Nationalisation Society was told that Local authorities were to be given powers to purchase land for use as allotments and to also assist with the purchase of seeds and potatoes.

Articles about what to plant in the allotment and how, started appearing in the newspaper. The Emergency Committee asked the Association to provide the Council with the numbers of applicants awaiting allotments and they were informed that 27 applicants were on the books for which they had no suitable land.  The Association was then asked to provide a report on the numbers of occupied and unoccupied plots within the Borough.

The Works Committee referring to the Morland Road allotments said that the sheds were to be used as Tool Sheds and not as garages for parking cars. A Mr Crisp and a Mr Kilham were notified of this.

1940 Season 

The High School playing fields adjoining Highfield Avenue and Boxalls Lane were selected for use as allotment purposes, the subject being considered by the Emergency Committee of the Borough Council.  The rents charged to allotment holders would be collected by the Aldershot & District Allotment Association who would credit this to the Borough Council for transmission to the County Council.  The Association was to deduct any management costs as required. There were to be no paths between plots and the site would not be fenced at the moment.

Three acres of land in Highfield Avenue were initially taken over and the County High School reported that they intended to let the remaining 6 acres for grazing and so there was a need for some fencing around the site.  The Council promptly took over all 9 acres under the Defence Regulations 1939.  The council obviously did not get enough people involved as in August the remainder of the site was to be ploughed.  Councillor Ridieth wondered if people knew the allotments were available.  200 posters had been printed and circulated.

Farnborough Council were also looking for land for allotments.

1941 Season 

Dig for Victory – The Ministry of Agriculture instructed gardeners and Allotment holders not to grow surplus they could not use and emphasis was to be given to vegetables that could be stored for winter use.

The Aldershot Newspaper published several different series of articles containing advice for allotment holder and also many recipes and ideas for making use of vegetables.

The Council had delivered 8000 leaflets regarding the availability of allotments but only 6-8 applications had been received by them.  The Secretary of the Aldershot Allotment Association on the other hand had received 114 applications during the same period.

The Council considered that the Association was functioning well and proposed that the Association was given control of all of the allotments.

Alderman Dines, chairman of the Parks committee, reported that 21 plots will become available on the Manor Park School site and the Secretary of the Aldershot Allotment Association suggested that the whole site should be turned over to allotments.  Land at North Town, the Manor Lodge site and at the rear of Highfield Avenue was to be inspected and, if required, requisitioned for use as allotments.

Sewage sludge from the sewage works was to be provided free of charge although a charge of 2s 6d for cartage would be made.

The Association requested that the Council provide some potato sprayers and it was agreed that two be purchased at a cost of £5 3s 6d each.  Parks committee controlled the land at North lane formerly used a recreation ground and there were claims of favouritism made that Parks employees were getting priority in obtaining allotments.

The Secretary of the Aldershot Allotment Association was given a schedule of uncultivated land. Land between Morland Road and Gloucester Road was mentioned, and land at Cranmore Lane had been requisitioned as had land at Kingsway and Highfield Gardens.

The Secretary reported that 4-5 application for plots at a site near the junction of Bellevue and Highland Roads had been received but a request from a Mr Spiers of 63 Bellevue Road to take over the whole site for the period of the war and to plough and cultivate it, was also received.  The Council thought that this should go ahead.

The Association reported details of a person found stealing produce and who was sent for trial by the Aldershot Magistrates and was committed to Hants Quarter Sessions on January 13th next. He was allowed out on £20 bail.

1942 Season. 

The Aldershot Horticultural Committee, an offshoot of the Borough Councils Parks committee was formed in February 1942, to help people secure allotments and to stimulate everybody to produce more food.

More allotments were obtained at the rear of Highfield Gardens

There was an article reporting that before the war there were 1478 allotment associations affiliated to the National Allotment Society and during the war a further 12320 had become affiliated.

The Dig for Victory campaign resulted in a keen demand for allotments in Aldershot encouraged by the Horticultural Committee recently set up

Three and a half acres of land were requisitioned on the lower slopes of the meadow adjoining Elm Place in Church Lane East.  Military personnel were used to prepare some of the ground.

Land at the junction of St Georges Road and St Joseph’s Road was requisitioned for allotments and squatters rights were exercised over land between No’s 25 and 27 Bellevue Road as the owner could not be found and who owed £20.

The Aldershot Victory Garden Show took place on the august bank holiday to raise funds for the Red Cross Horticultural Society.  Applications to take part were to be sent to Mr W.A Jackson (the Association secretary) of 16 St Michaels Road for the horticultural section with Mr S.J Rainger for the poultry and rabbits section

The Association made a donation of £2 2s towards the fund.  The show raised some £582 for the Red Cross fund.

The silver Challenge Cup offered by the Association for the best cropped and cultivated allotment by a member was won by Mr W.A Jackson.  The Knightian medal by the Royal Horticultural Society for the allotment scoring the highest number of points in the scale as laid down and a special award of one guinea was given by His Worship the Mayor for the best cropped and cultivated allotment in the Borough have also been awarded to Mr W.A Jackson.  Mr Jackson had now been awarded the Challenge Cup and Knightian medal in two successive years.

A special award of one guinea was given by His Worship the Mayor for the best cropped and cultivated allotment on new ground taken up in 1942 was won by Mr Beale of 68 Lower Farnham Road.

1943 Season 

The Parks & Cemetery’s Committee co-opted the Association’s secretary, Mr W.A Jackson for many of their meetings.

The Allotment Holders Association was mentioned relating to the “Dig for Victory” campaign.

The Aldershot Borough Council had grown seedlings in Manor Park and sold them to the allotment holders in 1942 and wished to do so again provided that their costs were covered.  The Association were asked if they could help with this.  The Association appears to be preparing the 1942 accounts for the Council.

A discussion took place regarding plots at Elm Place where the turf had not been removed. It was agreed to charge a plot rent on all sites regardless of state.

A series of articles appeared in the Aldershot News entitled Allotment News.

A site called “Marks” in Eggars Hill was mentioned as having none of its plots taken and later that an embargo on keeping pigs on the site was reported.

The Association had requested the Borough Council to purchase pipes for the drainage of the Highfield Avenue site but this was refused. It was later referred to a sub-committee.

The Park committee reported that 30 rods of land had been requested at “Stoneleigh” on Church Lane West, and another 30-40 in North Lane for the use of the East End boy’s school.  Approval was given to provide chestnut fencing 5 foot high to allotments in Newport Road school at a cost of £8 10s

It was made an offence to trespass on allotments without a reasonable excuse even though no warning sign was displayed. The maximum fine was £50.

The Ministry of Works paid compensation of £32 11s 6d for the railings removed from the Croft Road allotments.  Any metal railings were taken to be melted down and used to make tanks, etc.

The ATS allotments competition was won by an Aldershot unit. 

1944 Season

The 27th AGM was reported in March.  Encroachment of plots onto the roadway was discussed but not thought a significant problem.  Membership was reported as 204 and the Association had co-operated with the Borough Council in raising and selling vegetable plants to plot holders.  The Association was reported as being in a sound financial position.

The Association controlled the letting and management of some 290 allotments under the jurisdiction of the Borough Council nearly all cultivated by non-members of the Association.

Some discussion at the Council on who should pay the expenses of the Horticultural Committee was set up by the Parks committee.  A new chairman Councillor W. Grose Eddy and secretary Mr L.J Knight were elected to the above committee.

Post War housing was to take priority over allotments. Sites proposed for allotments were North Lane, Pavillion Road and Morland Road.  The Pavillion Road site had a number of established allotments and alternatives would be sought.

1945 Season 

Only brassicas and leeks would be grown for sale this year. Various projects were also mentioned including the “Seeds for Europe” fund, “Onions for the Forces” Club and a show held for the Red Cross Agriculture fund.

Mr W.A Jackson wanted to know when the allotment holders would be expected to give up their wartime allotments. The Council assured the tenants of allotments in North Lane formerly used as a recreation ground to have a minimum tenancy of two years from Jan 1946.

There was possibility that the Council would compulsory purchase the Oldhuirst Moor site as well.

The Association met with the Council regarding the provision of an alternative site at the rear of the temporary housing in Lower Farnham Road.

Some 60 temporary homes were built on the Parkside Estate and included 4.57 acres of land allocated as open space which originally formed part of the Wellington Works sports ground.  Access to the land was from the back of the land in question to Tongham Road.  The land was formerly known as Greenwoods Meadow.  The prefab buildings were of the American style.

1946 Season 

The Parks and Cemetery’s Committee received three applications for allotments on the Morland Road site and asked that the rent collectors invite council house tenants to make applications for plots. The Association approached the committee to take over the Morland Road allotment site and this was approved by the committee.

As a result of much redevelopment work in North Lane, allotment holders on the Recreation Road site were given notice to quit.

Allotments in Church Hill were to be acquired for housing.

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