Land exchange- Oldhurst Moor for Greenwood Close

1947 Season

The Association secretary, Mr W.A Jackson was a co-opted member of the Parks & Cemeteries committee according to minutes held at the Hampshire Record Office.

The Parks and Cemetery’s Committee Parks committee received a request to return the land at the junction of Highfield Avenue and Boxalls Lane site to the County Education Authority, Plot holders were asked to leave by June.  The road and houses called Highfield Gardens were built on the upper part of the site around 1950 whilst the remainder went back to being school playing fields. A similar request was received for the land at Manor Park to be freed for school building.

In April, the plot holders on the Oldhurst Moor site at North Town were given notice to vacate their plots by Sept 30th next.


Figure 7 – Greenwood Close near Tongham Road


Figure 8 – Oldhurst Moor.  The footpath F.P. became Eastern Road

In May 1947, there was a Special General Meeting held at the Y.M.C.A. called by members representing dissentients of North Town, who objected to the disposal of the Association’s North town allotments to the borough council.  Mr W. E. Vick presided.

Mr F.A Worby submitted a list of questions on behalf of the North Town members which were dealt with. The secretary, Mr W.A Jackson then explained the terms of the proposed transfer of the allotments in North Lane for others in Greenwood Close pointing out that the council were going to compulsorily purchase anyway.  The committee had decided to sell the site in 1945 and had asked the council to consider a substitute site.  The National Allotments Society recommended the sale and in December 1946 a definite proposal was made for the ground and members of the Association visited the Greenwood Close site and found it satisfactory.  The Council would fence the site with barbed wire and provide a gateway into Lower Farnham Road.  The plot rents of the North Town tenants were refunded and the tenants given first chance for the plots at Greenwood Close.  Mr Worby pointed out that there were 76 plots on the North Town site and only 46 on the Greenwood Close site to which the secretary replied that in 1945, 1946 and 1947 there were 50, 52 and 28 occupiers respectively. The new site would give 54 ten rod plots plus 11 others totalling 67 plots.

In August 1947, the exchange took place allowing the Council to take over the site of Oldhurst Moor of 6 acres in area and the Association took over a site called Greenwood Close  of 4.8 acres in area and received an additional £100 for the difference.  A signed Deed of Exchange date 20th August 1947 is evidence that this exchange was approved.


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