Construction of Stores

1967 Season 

Once the main road had been laid, the contractor offered to do the side roads for £810 12s, this was approved and the work was to go ahead. The Associations registered office was 67 Belle Vue Road, Aldershot.

Plans for a stores building were drawn up and planning permission obtained for the erection of building for the storage of fertilisers, sundries and tenants tools at Park Road Allotment Site, Aldershot dated 31st March 1967

Estimates were procured for the construction including C&L Builders £1368.16, Fulwards Ltd £1274.15 and Budd & Brooks £1236.16s. The contract was finally awarded to Budd & Brooks. Work was delayed by the shortage of bricks but was completed by November.

The chairman, Mr Buckett, died suddenly in August.

Mr T.A White Plot 2 was awarded a Certificate of Merit for his allotment by the Hampshire County Farm Institute.

1968 Season

Messrs White, Robinson, Hinton, Page and Wilkinson were given keys to the store shed and would serve as store men.

The chairman, secretary and treasurer were nominated to serve on the Council Allotments Committee.

1969 Season

At the 52nd AGM, the lack of proper toilet facilities were discussed as was the use of the car park and indiscriminate parking elsewhere on site.

The tool stores part of the stores shed was made smaller and Mr Robinson appointed as store man.  The mower and cultivator had not been serviced and Mr T White agreed to approach Messrs Chitty Ltd to arrange a periodic service.

A Notice to Quit for the Herrett Street site was received from the Council who were offering land at Tices Meadow instead. Two plot holders were moved to the Park Road site. Others would be compensated.

It was decided to extend the stores shed to allow bulk buying, planning permission was obtained and Mr J Budd of Messrs Budd and Brooks offered to do the work for £400.



Figure 15 Artists impression of the Stores building after extensions

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