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“Donated Items”

We have had a number of items left in the bottom car park some of which, we will generously assume, have been left for others to use. In the future would all plot holders note that if you have any items you wish to donate bring them to the shop on a Sunday morning where an assessment can be made about it’s potential for sale. All monies raised goes to charity. Obvious rubbish should not be brought to the shop nor dumped in the bottom car park and action will be taken if you are seen to do so. See By-Laws 7.1

TV Fame

We were recently featured on Freeview Channel 7 and the video is available on Youtube. Despite his amazing on screen presence no acting roles have been forthcoming for our esteemed Membership Secretary but who knows as more people see it. The other two featured members were asked to look as though they were working. Nobody was, is or will be convinced.

Emergency Access

There is now a Security Key Box on the main gate for use by the Emergency Services. If you have an accident on site and need to call for an ambulance they have the code for the box. Stay on the phone to help them find you. If you are attending someone stay with them until you know the ambulance is on site.

Japanese Knotweed.

We may have jumped the gun on Japanese Knotweed and the committee are making extensive enquiries on what is being grown. Sample plants taken to Wisley were NOT Japanese Knotweed but Buckwheat grown from seed which is related to sorrel, knotweed and rhubard. We are however still concerned about plants raised from cuttings and will update accordingly as we find out.


A letter of apology has now been sent to all concerned plot holders and an offer of compensation has been made where Buckwheat grown from seed had been removed. If the plot holder buys new seed and produces a sealed packet with a receipt and plot number we will reimburse from the stores on a Sunday morning.

Japanese Knotweed had been planted from cuttings on a number of plots and the committee members make no apology for removing this. We will be monitoring those plots where it was found. Any reoccurrence will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

See link below and all members are asked to report any further sightings.

Open Day

The Open Day was a huge success and thank you from the Committee and the “Fun Raisers” to all those who attended.

Plant, book and miscellaneous sales along with tea and cake donations raised a staggering £630.62 so very well done to all those concerned.

It has been decided that the charities who will benefit from this year’s fundraising will be Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice ( ) and Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund ( )

Bonfire ban proposed and passed.

No bonfires will be allowed on site from March 1st to October 31st with immediate effect.

Shed/Polytunnel applications.

Shed applications now to include poly tunnels. Permissions will be granted in the same way as sheds with applicants being made aware of size, placement and type restrictions.

Oak moths

Japanese Knotweed


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