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To be held on the 29th October. Please see events page for further details.

BBQ and Produce competition

The BBQ was very well attended and thank you to all for your company and donations to our charities.

The produce competition drew a few entries with Barry Dickinson taking first prize and the Alex Higgins Trophy.

Banning notice and bird tables/feeders

We have had a recent complaint from a plot holder regarding the theft of his peas. The culprits ( yes, a number of them ) were caught red winged and at the plot holders request a motion was raised, voted upon and passed unanimously at the last committee meeting to ban all pigeons from the site. All plot holders may take matters into their own hands if any are spotted and to deal with them accordingly. Please refrain from waving your arms around too much as a deterrent as you may be mistaken for a pigeon and cause confusion.

Although we like to see bird tables and feeders around the site to encourage smaller birds please try not to encourage those pesky pigeons or magpies.


Members of the committee today ( July 2nd 2019 ) confronted a plot holder who had been caught stealing. After making it very clear as to why we were confronting said person we showed the evidence, took the gate key and then escorted said person off the site again making it clear said person was being evicted and not to return. We have decided not to involve the police in this instance.


Thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful people of Aldershot and District Allotment Association.
The plant sale held on site on the 18th May (and remaining plants sold on the 19th) raised a massive £1318 – this is double the amount raised last year and we couldn’t have done it without you all.
Our thanks go to everyone who supported us,  whether you helped us set up on the day, generously gave us a fantastic selection of plants, delicious cakes, helped man the stalls, bought plants, drank tea and ate cake or brought along family, friends and neighbours – it was a fantastic day only made possible by YOU!
The Fun Raisers

A few plants awaiting new homes
with the odd one scattered down the road
while the cakes awaited new tummies.

The ADAA are full members of The National Allotment Society and The Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies who both offer support and advice and links to each web site can be found below.



Further thefts

The picture below is of a cloche stolen from plot 21A along with some exhibition Sweet Peas. If you know where it is or went please let a committee member know.


Monday 11th March 7 pm at Aldershot Rugby Club

The AGM saw a fair turnout and went according to agenda. We were pleased to see representatives from our chosen charity’s who each gave a talk about what they do and how much the money you donate means to them. Phyllis Tuckwell and the CSSEF each received a cheque for £750.00.

Thank you again for all your support.

President/Chairmans report

Plot Security

We have been contacted by a representative of Uwatch who are offering police “secured by design” approved security devices called The Cube. The Cube is a battery operated device and contains a cross network roaming SIM – so it works anywhere (no WiFi or mains power).

The Cube has a night time IR camera, PIR motion sensor, vibration detector, temperature sensor, GPS tracking and bluetooth. If any sensor is disturbed an alert is sent with a date and time stamped picture to the owners phone in under 30 seconds.

If the above is of any interest to you there is a link below and if you enter the coupon code “Uwatch100” at the checkout you can get £100 off the price.

Caught in the act.

Do you know this person. Caught in the act of theft from the site while an accomplice cut the cables to the camera but the person in the photograph decided not to wait.

Captured (2)

If you know this person let a committee member know and they will be dealt with.

CCTV Installation

As a result of the recent thefts the committee have decided to install cameras in key areas to offer site security for all members. This will be done as soon as possible and will be recorded onto a hard disk. All gates will have signage as a warning and we hope acts as a deterrent to anybody coming over the gates or through it with a key.

We will be watching.


First stage of CCTV installation is now done.

We are watching.


We have had a number of thefts reported this year both of produce and various tools or other.

The most recent incident is of large pots and the mesh frames shown below stolen from Plot 50A. If you see these on site or saw anybody removing them please report to the committee.


All members are reminded that any theft is to be reported so that we can at least log it but we can only act if we catch people at it. If the culprit is a plot member we will evict immediately ( By-law 8.13 ) and the police will be notified.


We are considering introducing raised beds on a plot for those who are less able to work a plot in the traditional manner. This could be for existing members who are giving up a plot for this reason but would like to continue raising at least some crops or for anyone less abled looking for an accessible way to garden in a more social atmosphere.

Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.

Bring them to the stores on a Sunday morning or use the contact form.


The ADAA have been awarded “Outstanding” in this years event which is something we can all feel very proud of.

“Donated Items”

We have had a number of items left in the bottom car park some of which, we will generously assume, have been left for others to use. In the future would all plot holders note that if you have any items you wish to donate bring them to the shop on a Sunday morning where an assessment can be made about it’s potential for sale. All monies raised goes to charity. Obvious rubbish should not be brought to the shop nor dumped in the bottom car park and action will be taken if you are seen to do so. See By-Laws 7.1

TV Fame

We were recently featured on Freeview Channel 7 and the video is available on Youtube. Despite his amazing on screen presence no acting roles have been forthcoming for our esteemed Membership Secretary but who knows as more people see it. The other two featured members were asked to look as though they were working. Nobody was, is or will be convinced.

Emergency Access

There is now a Security Key Box on the main gate for use by the Emergency Services. If you have an accident on site and need to call for an ambulance they have the code for the box. Stay on the phone to help them find you. If you are attending someone stay with them until you know the ambulance is on site.

Historic News

Oak moths

Japanese Knotweed

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